Welcome Back !!!!

Welcome Back!
I hope everyone has had an exciting but restful break.
I visited family and friends in Australia and was also lucky to have a gorgeous break in Kas, Turkey.


Grade 6 Take a Selfie

Students today I would like you to take a selfie and send it to me!!! mrussell@iics.k12.tr
Your choice of location is entirely up to you.

Marmara Student Led Conferences ART Exhibition Grades 2-6

Grade 2 Hisar Chalk Art

Students in Grade 2 were inspired by Julian Beevers’ work as a chalk pavement artist. They created some designs of their own.



Grade 1 Hisar Funky Chickens

After listening to the story of Funky Chickens students created their own version using papier mache. 20150312-141008

Hisar Grade 3 Kite Making

Students in Grade 3 have been designing and creating their own kites. They chose a traditional diamond or a sled kite. The design on the front reflects things about them as a person. This week both Marmara and Hisar Grade 3 students visited the kite museum. They will test run their kites next week.


EY 5 Hisar Where the Wild Things Are – Monsters

Students listened to the story “Where the wild things are” and then they created their own Wild Thing Monsters.



5 ways to unlock ART for Kids

Read this Huffington Post article for some great ideas for visiting ART Galleries with children.

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