Marmara Student Led Conferences ART Exhibition Grades 2-6

Grade 2 Hisar Chalk Art

Students in Grade 2 were inspired by Julian Beevers’ work as a chalk pavement artist. They created some designs of their own.



5 ways to unlock ART for Kids

Read this Huffington Post article for some great ideas for visiting ART Galleries with children.

Grade 2 Chalk Artists Julian Beever

Students in Grade 2 are looking at the Artist Julian Beever who is a pavement artist.

Take a look at this video and choose one of his drawings and write why you like this particular piece of work.

Snow day 2 – Critiquing artwork

Take a look at this video on critiquing art work.

Grade 2 Hisar Embossed Owls

Grade 2 students have been investigating OWLS – something that they knew a lot about already – having learnt about them in Grade 1 during their UOI on endangered animals. Students are learning about ‘relief’ technique in embossing.

Marmara Grade 2 Finished Cat in the Hat Designs

Grade 2 Marmara – Cat in the Hat Designs – Marmara style

Students at Marmara were adding the finishing touches to their designs. They created their own unique hat design based on the story of The cat in the hat.  They used watercolours to paint their hats and they outlined with black sharpies.

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