Grade 6 Take a Selfie

Students today I would like you to take a selfie and send it to me!!!
Your choice of location is entirely up to you.

Marmara Student Led Conferences ART Exhibition Grades 2-6

5 ways to unlock ART for Kids

Read this Huffington Post article for some great ideas for visiting ART Galleries with children.

Grade 6 Dinner Settings in the Style of an Artist

Grade 6 Students are working on creating a Dinner Setting in the style of an artist of their choosing.


Grade 6 Clay Gargoyles

Students in Grade 6 are creating their own versions of GARGOYLES. At the same time they have discovered the importance of using the SLIP AND SCORE methods for attaching clay. Other discoveries have included the weight of attachments – some are too heavy and others need a little support until they are sufficiently dry.

Grade 6 Clay Gargoyles

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