Hisar Crazy Heads EY 5

After much hard work EY 5 have completed their papier mache heads. they have been painted taken home to be shared with family.



Hisar EY 3 & 4 Using Gelli Pads for Printing

Lucky EY 4 students got to try out the new Gelli Pads used for Monoprinting.

Levin creates his monoprint

Levin creates his monoprint

The last stages of his creation with the Gelli Pad.

The last stages of his creation with the Gelli Pad.

Grade 6 Dinner Settings in the Style of an Artist

Grade 6 Students are working on creating a Dinner Setting in the style of an artist of their choosing.


Grade 3 Hisar Kites

For our lesson this week we were going to look at using a paper plate to make a kite.
If you happen to have a paper plate – maybe you could investigate how to create a kite from a paper plate.
Good luck.

Grade 2 Chalk Artists Julian Beever

Students in Grade 2 are looking at the Artist Julian Beever who is a pavement artist.

Take a look at this video and choose one of his drawings and write why you like this particular piece of work.

Grade 1 Hisar Funky Chickens Snow day

Students can practice their funky chicken song.

EY 5 Hisar Paper Mache Creations

EY 5 students are working on Paper Mache. They are creating some crazy heads.

Grade 4 Visit Joan Miro Exhibit


Students were lucky enough to visit the Miro Exhibition at Sabanci Museum.

Checkout the video of them exploring the Exhibit and critiquing some of his work.

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